The Light of Doolough by John Mee photography

The Light of Doolough


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When I shot this image of Doolough, I was reminded of the words of the famous photographer Ansel Adams. He often spoke about the power and importance of pre-visualisation. The whole key lies in seeing the picture in our minds eye, and it has to exist in there before the photo can be made. If you have enough craft, you can then make the photograph you desire.

This is perhaps the most important lesson that a photographer can ever learn. I am still learning it.

Many of you know that I give landscape photography workshops, and it’s something that I love to do. Click for more details on my Group Workshops or my One to One Workshops.

The emphasis is not on capturing awesomely luminous sunsets, (although weather permitting, we may do that too) but rather on bringing out the creativity that exists within all of us to interpret the landscape of Ireland as we see it.

My workshops will teach you how to work your camera, how to use all of its controls and more importantly, how to make a picture of whatever location you visit.

Photography is not about capturing awesome blood red sunsets and all the other cliches that you see online. It’s about you expressing your individuality, enjoying your hobby and capturing the world, the way you see it.


Lovingly printed on 250 g/m² Epson Luster Premium Photo paper using genuine Epson inks. Delivered rolled in a tube. Local delivery flat in a cello envelope.

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