Milky way and Aurora over Lough beltra

Milky Way and Northern Lights over Lough Beltra


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Last night was clear and crisp so I decided to see what the nightsky looked like from a dark site. I drove out to Glenisland. At 10.30 in the evening, the sky was dark, clear and very big. I was hoping the Milky Way and Northern Lights over Lough Beltra would be visible.

Every so often, the Aurora made an appearance. The orange light on the lower left is the skyglow from Newport.
Although you could see thousands of stars and a hint of Aurora colour with the naked eye, it took some specific camera settings to pick all this out.
For the shooters out there, this is 15 vertical shots – all at 20 seconds exposure, F2.8, 15 mm focal length and ISO 2000. Merged to panorama in Lightroom.  

It’s pretty awesome all of the stars and planets that are in our night sky but it’s even more surprising all of the stuff that’s whizzing by this pale blue dot that we call home.

The most difficult aspect of astro photography is actually getting focus. Setting the lens to manual and focusing on infinity helps.

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Lovingly printed on 250 g/m² Epson Luster Premium Photo paper using genuine Epson inks. Delivered rolled in a tube. Local delivery flat in a cello envelope.

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