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Boreen on a foggy morning


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It was foggy all day so I drove around to see what I could see. A few times every week, I pass by this old boreen and often stop to grab a quick shot. 

Photographic rules would say that you shoot this boreen on a foggy morning at an aperture to capture a large depth of field, thereby retaining clarity from the foreground to the background. However, I liked the mistiness and the softness of the scene, so I shot it at F1.4. This kept a small slice of the scene sharp and the rest of it soft. I didn’t want the viewers eye to be distracted by other parts of the image – I wanted them to be drawn straight down this boreen. 

On my workshops I discuss the various techniques I use to capture the landscape in all it’s subtle beauty. 

If you have any questions about my workshops or photography in general, feel free to ask on the new members forum here.


Lovingly printed on 250 g/m² Epson Luster Premium Photo paper using genuine Epson inks. Delivered rolled in a tube. Local delivery flat in a cello envelope.

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