One to One Workshops

Join me for a hands-on One to One Landscape Workshop around the beautiful county of Mayo. We may also stray into parts of county Galway.

Some people prefer, and benefit more from this One to One approach. This workshop is for people who have a working knowledge of their cameras and are looking to improve their landscape and seascape images.

Together, we will design the workshop to suit your requirements. If there’s any particular aspect or specific location you want to cover, then this workshop may be more suitable for you. We will decide all of this in advance of the day.

The workshop will start with a chat about where we will be going and what to expect. Then we will drive out to our chosen locations. Together, we will explore each location, all the while learning how to actually “work the scene” to get the best possible image.

I cannot guarantee fine weather – in fact, sometimes we may not want it to be fine. This is the West of Ireland after all!

There will be hands-on instruction including:

  • Shooting in Manual Mode for Ultimate Control over your Image Making
  • Effective Composition and Use of Light
  • The Benefits of Shooting in Raw Format
  • Understanding Aperture priority and Shutter Priority
  • Understanding Exposure, ISO and Depth of Field
  • Working with Filters

One to one photographic workshops with John Mee PhotographyWe will delve into the finer points of each topic in order to give you a better understanding.

During the workshop, I will tell you all I know about capturing the scene around us. I will teach you the technical side of photography as well as the aesthetics.

At all times, you will have my undivided attention and can ask me any question about photography. In this regard, I will be hoping to show you, not just how to take a photograph, but why you should take it.

What to bring along:

  • Your Digital SLR camera and lenses
  • Any filters you may have.
  • A tripod (I have spare tripods if you don’t have one)
  • An open mind and an empty canvas

Make sure your battery is fully charged and you have formatted your memory cards.
Pack your wellies or boots. There may be a little walking over uneven, muddy or sandy ground, but nothing too strenuous. Onme to One photography workshops John Mee Photography

Bring warm and waterproof clothing, hats and gloves. This is the West of Ireland, so you should be prepared for rain, wind or sunny skies.

The One to One Workshop will last as long as you decide and until you are happy to “call it a day”.
The workshop costs €200 for the workshop. The workshop fee includes all transportation during the workshop.

Not included is transport costs to/from the workshop start/finish point or any food/drink. Bottled water is provided.

Here are a few terms and conditions, but not many. If you would like to know more about this workshop, feel free to contact me here.

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  1. Noreen lucey Reply

    Hi john. Have 2 weeks holidays from 20 th sept, can you fit me in for a 2 day one on one workshop. I have nothing booked or planned yet, but would prefer weekdays if possible (easier to book accomadation). I will leave the dated up to you to fit into your schedule. Can you recommend some accomadation also. Don’t know mayo very wee. (Am a cork woman). Looking forward to hearing from you noreen

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