New Years Resolutions

So, here we are. 2016. Another new year and more new year resolutions. Like you, I always have one or two and they usually last until about the second week in January! 🙂 Most years they are the same too. Be healthy, shoot more, blog more, become more successful, more happy, etc, etc.
However one resolution that I make every single year, is to complete more personal projects.

sketchbooksI have a sketchbook full of ideas – two sketchbooks actually. These ideas spring from music, movies, poetry, life and my own daydreaming. I write them all down in these books. Sometimes, photos from a newspaper or magazine catch my eye and I’ll stick them into it too.

Unfortunately like many new year resolutions, these ideas never make it to March. So, they sit languishing in this book of nonsense and forgotten dreams.

This year however, is going to be different! No, really … I mean it! 🙂

Among the many projects I have (mostly) planned are to document Shakespeare’s play, The Tempest. I’ve liked this since I saw Derek Jarman’s film version of it. It’s a wonderful, magical Miranda from The Tempeststory full of brilliant characters and Jarman has brought that extra slice of weirdness to it.
By the way, it’s that slice of weirdness that I want to portray.

You may have already seen my photo of Miranda, Prospero’s daughter (above and at side). This was my first time shooting with Emer and despite that and the weather, she was great and I think she makes a wonderful Miranda.

Of course, there are many more images to be made to complete this project. I am currently planning on making photos of Prospero, Ariel, Caliban and Sycorax. Again, sourcing people to collaborate with on creative projects is the biggest problem.

samantha afterAnother project that has been on the back-burner for some time now is the provisionally titled, “Angels and Demons”. There will quite possibly be a name change here. I still need to fluff out the thought process behind this but at the moment, it looks like it will have a strong undercurrent of religion – weird religion!

The original idea came to mind when editing some photos from a fun shoot with Samantha and others at Rosserk Abbey.

I was reminded of the movie, The Devils. It tells the story of a priest, Father Grandier whose unorthodox views on sex and religion influence a passionate following of nuns.

And last, but not least, there is my favourite project. It’s called “The Sadness of Lilly Isabelle” and I have the story about 90% done. I haven’t shot any images for this series yet but have many already planned. There is quite a good story behind this series of images but alas, I have yet to find models for this too.

And that’s one of the biggest problems I have faced in the last year – sourcing people to shoot. People who are enthusiastic about creating images that tell a story and want to push the boundaries of photography.

I don’t sell these prints. All of my personal projects require TFP (time for prints) models. I enjoy the creative process and also gain the experience of shooting people. The models are usually keen amateurs and all round great guys. They get digital prints to use in their portfolios, the fun of the shoot and also the experience.

This year, I am giving serious thought to actually paying for a model. I now think it may the only way I can get through my projects and fulfil my 2016 resolutions.

Enniscrone Beach by John Mee Photography
Behind all of this, my landscape Group Workshops continue. The One to One workshops and Gift Vouchers proved popular last year and I hope that trend will continue. Commercial shoots have grown too, especially house shoots and business to business work.
I also hope to break some new ground this year but more of that later.
Thanks for reading this far and if you’d like collaborate on any projects, do get in touch.

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