Although I have always been interested in art, I never stopped to think that what I produce might be classified as art! I believe that it is up to other people to say whether it is art or not. … but that does not matter – I certainly don’t take photographs to produce art. Like many, I take photographs for the enjoyment it gives me.

I often shot images to portray an emotion, although it does not always work out like I intend. The idea of shooting a photo to record the reality of my present view does not always interest me. I like to portray how I felt at that time, and perhaps make the viewer feel the same too.

“My concern is believability rather than reality” – Alain Briot

Expressionist art, which I really enjoy led me to discover Chiaroscuro and  and the way it plays with light and shadow. This was in fact, a style that I had been trying to emulate for a while and one, which I will continue to study in the future.

I have always been drawn to the dark, the moody, the strange, the exotic and the beautiful. I love to work with like-minded people on creative projects. If you got an idea, let’s get together and make it happen.

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