Calling Some Models

Elida by John Mee photographyHi all. As you know I shoot commercially and also give landscape workshops and tuition. However, my first love lies in the more creative side of photography. And for that, I need some models.

I like to shoot people in the landscape. These pictures will have some form of thought behind them and may often tell a story. I hope that they provoke some kind of emotional response in the viewer or at the very least, make them look for a little longer than normal.

I’ve been lucky enough in the past to meet some super people that have collaborated on summer-lovethese shoots. It’s always great when two or three minds can come together to make an
image. I work best like this and always welcome creative input from those on the shoot.

However, in recent times many of those I have shot have moved on to pastures new. And I now find myself with a head full of ideas and no way to realise them.

So, I’m putting a call out for anyone that may like to help to make some pictures. If you can hang upside down, get into character, levitate, don’t mind getting cold or wet, then it may suit you. There is no nude or dodgy stuff and it’s not fashion or glamour. I may ask to see a little more leg, shoulder or back. And you are encouraged to bring along your creativity!

Also, there is no pay! These are TFP (time for prints) shoots. I supply you with whatever web optimised digital files we produce (there will be at least one per shoot)  and if you want, I will give you a print of your favourite image from the day.

Samantha by John MeeI don’t sell these photos. They are personal projects. They help me practice creativity and have some fun. Hopefully you will have fun too and perhaps build up your portfolio.

Like my commercial work, I approach all these personal projects in a professional manner.

If you think you might want to do something like this, reply in the comments, email me or message me at Facebook.


Thanks for reading this far.

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  1. Denise K Reply

    Hi John, my name is Denise. I’ve been following you on Facebook for a while and seen your post about models. I am in the same situation, I love the creative side of photography but struggle to get models (my sister is sick of me taking photos of her now!) If you are doing a project and need a hand (even holding a reflector) I would love to see how you work. Would love to see creativity unfold as this time of year it seems to be all ‘jobs’ with not so much creativity, I love the levitation photography or even night time shots. And I LOVE black and white 🙂

    If you need an assistant any time I would love to help out. my flickr page is or my instagram is @denisekimages

  2. Sharon McKelvey Reply

    Hi John, I would love to help out as a model in some of your shoots if you are ever up In Donegal ! I am an older woman (55) and I have done a lot of acting in the past so I can really get into character if needs be! Let me know if I can be of assistance to you,


    PS I love black and white

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